The objects of the MIC are, amongst others, to:

  • Assist systemically large, important and viable corporations or companies incorporated in Mauritius (having a minimum annual turnover of Rs100 million) which are financially distressed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Support and accelerate the economic development of Mauritius and build a savings base for the citizens of Mauritius, by inter alia:

             (i)  investing in companies geared towards building self-sufficiency in key basic necessities
             (ii) investing in companies enhancing Mauritius as an Innovation-driven economy

  • Invest the assets under its management to secure key basic necessities and support higher long-term growth
  • Establish three portfolios, namely:

            (i)   a Future Generations Portfolio to invest in foreign assets,
            (ii)  an Infrastructure Portfolio to invest in the development of critical infrastructure of the country, and
            (iii) an Equity Participation Portfolio to invest in systemically important corporations or companies.

The MIC will invest in eligible companies through a number of investment tools including equity and quasi-equity instruments.